PatientlySpeaking | Patient Communication System
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Patient Communication System

The way in which the vast majority of America communicates has changed drastically to texting.  According to studies, 98% of text messages get, far surpassing calls or emails.  Since virtually every medical practice has a communication policy in place with their patients, taking advantage of the best means of communication for both appointments and patient A/R only makes sense.  The challenge – having an efficient way to make that happen.

Enter PatientlySpeaking’s Patient Communication System – a tool that can be fully integrated with both PatientlySpeaking’s Automated Appointment Reminder platform, including recalls and no-show follow-ups, and our Patient A/R Courtesy Call platform, including calls, texts and payment processing.  Each of these products currently employs text messaging as an essential communication component of the platform.  For the most part, that communication has been one sided with no opportunity for a true dialogue between patient and practice. PCS changes that dynamic, driving full blown text communication – from any platform to any text capable platform.

Get Started

Patient Surveys are an inherent component of our PCS Tool.  The ability to send a survey out to your patient after they complete their appointment is an excellent way to keep on top of your performance as well a providing your patients a way to communicate about their experience in a non-threatening way.
Below is an example of the PCS portal from which you can easily communicate with patients about non-HIPPA issues such as appointments, marketing specials, and surveys.