PatientlySpeaking | Patient A/R Courtesy Calls
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Patient A/R Improvement Platform

Month to Month!

40% Reduction In Staff Time

The platform handles much of the work that your staff previously had to do.  It all starts with determining which patients should be called.  Everyday, the system automatically reviews every patient A/R balance against the practice’s previously defined business rules.  Each patient that meets that criteria is scheduled for a call or text.  The system will automatically initiate those calls or texts, eliminating the need for your staff to initiate that action.  Add providing the patients a self pay option and you can easily see how staff time is reduced!

20% Increase In Revenue

The solution is a patient friendly, simple, call to action that has a proven response rate of 13 – 15% of calls answered. All statistics show that gentle, consistent, nudging pays off.  Providing multiple ways to pay – self pay, text message, connect to office – all increase the rate of successful collection. And because of the self pay option, you can now make calls after hours – without staff!