PatientlySpeaking | Patient A/R Collection Platform
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Patient A/R Collection Platform

Contacting your patient is the first step in collecting money, but how do you know if your message is having the best results? With our Analytics page, you can see in actual, real-time numbers the results being generated by our service. If the number of clients taking action seems a little low, try tweaking the message and then monitor the results. Or view which day or hour is generating the best results and increase the number of calls made during that time frame.
PatientlySpeaking allows you to record any message, in your own voice, with a simple press of a button. Additionally, you can have our service fill in dynamic information like the patient’s first name, or the location of office when you have multiple locations. And best of all there is no extra fees for this service.

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 Click on the example below to see the types of analytical data our system can provide: