PatientlySpeaking | No Show Patient Reminders
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 “No Show” Patient Reminders

 Included In Appointment Reminders
  • Requires Using Appointment Reminders
  • $.14 per minute/text
  • Applies to overall monthly minimum
Even with reminders, 2 of your patients just did not show up today.  You did everything right.  For whatever reason, they just did not show up.  That’s where PatientlySpeaking can work for you.
Every practice is effected by the dreaded “No Show”. Your time is valuable and when a patient fails to show up for an appointment as scheduled, there is little or no chance to fill that spot on a moments notice. Reminders have proven to be the most efficient way to get your patients to show up.
The system will either call or text the “missing” patient and offer to connect them and make a new appointment.  Many times, the patient has had an unexpected problem and just could not make it.  Often they are embarrassed and just won’t call.  Our process makes it easy for them to get back on the schedule and you can get the revenue back in your pocket.  All of this with minimal office staff impact – they simply handle the call to re-schedule the patient.