PatientlySpeaking | Appointment Reminders
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Appointment Reminders

Our pricing is simple:
  • One time setup charge of $39.00
  • $.14 per minute/text
  • Minimum monthly charge of $25
  • No long-term contract
Most missed appointments occur because they are forgotten. PatientlySpeaking addresses this problem by providing a powerful appointment reminder service that ties directly into your PM or EHR system or we receive your appointment schedules via secure email.
Calls and texts have been shown to be the most effective with the majority of the population. With our approach, you can choose which of these options work for your patients. And while our system is automated, you can record the message you want delivered if you so choose.
We recommend that you offer your patients the option to press a key to be connected to your office in the event they need to cancel or change their appointment. This combines the advantages of an automated system with the human touch when needed. The statistics show that only about 35% of all calls are actually answered by a person so using your staff to make all of those calls is not the most effective use of their time.
Sample Calls
PatientlySpeaking allows you to record any message, in your own voice, with a simple press of a button. Additionally, you can have our service fill in dynamic information like the patient’s first name, the date and time of the patient’s appointment, or the location of an office when you have multiple locations. And best of all there is no extra fees for this service.