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RCM Providers

Without question, patient A/R is growing across the board.  And it is more difficult to track down.  It is the largest growing segment of every practice’s A/R and therefore a critical component of RCM.  Our Patient A/R Collection platform will provide your team with the business analytics and workflow tools to improve your collections.

Our team is here to support you.  You can white label any or all of our  solutions, giving you both the economic benefits as well as a “stickiness” with your clients.

Do you work with a PM solution?  You can integrate our appointment reminders and recalls into your offering.  Do you address billing?  Our A/R platform leads the way to ensure a greater patient collection rate, quicker and sooner then the methodology deployed today.

Our business analytics along with our workflow engine will give you the tools you need to be successful.  Be able to better manage your team and respond to the ebb and flow that all business’ experience.

Let us show you the

power of our solution.

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benefits to your office.

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