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Private Practice Staff

Private Practice

Communicating with your patients goes well beyond the office.  PatientlySpeaking was built to help you manage those touches in order to free up your staff to focus on the more challenging aspects of patient care.

We have developed a rich set of solutions that are designed to help drive revenue and improve cash flow extremely cost effectively.  These solutions combine technology (VoIP and SMS/Texting) with automation all of which is driven by our proprietary software.  The result – a communication package that handles Appointment Reminders, A/R Courtesy Call, Patent Recall Notifications and No Show Follow-ups – all designed to improve revenue and cashflow.

Concerned that our solutions won’t work with your PM or EHR system?  No problem, take our survey and we will tell you if we can help you and your business.

All of us are concerned about being HIPPA compliant.  Protecting PHI is a critical issue.  Even though the information that we work with is currently not considered PHI information, we have taken the position that we should treat it as such.  Our systems are designed to be HIPPA compliant – from the hardware we run on to the communications we send – all are treated the same.  We incorporate a BAA as part of our Terms of Service and are willing to sign individually with each office.

At the end of the day, our solutions will increase your revenue without increasing your staff workload.  By combining our Recalls, Appointment Reminders, and No Show Follow-ups, you can rest assured that you have done everything to ensure that patients show up to their appointments on-time and regularly.  Our Patient A/R Courtesy Calls helps to efficiently reach every patient that has an A/R profile that meets your criteria for deserving a reminder call.  After millions of calls, we know that this process generates a 15% response from every person that answers a call .  When you combine that with the fact that approximately 55% of all calls are answered by a machine, you can see how your staff efficiency will go up.

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