PatientlySpeaking | PatientlySpeaking Now Fully Integrated with Practice Fusion EHR Platform
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Full Integration To EHR and PM systems

PatientlySpeaking Now Fully Integrated with Practice Fusion EHR Platform

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) April 12, 2015

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, has announced its integration with the Practice Fusion electronic health records software platform. This process now allows medical practices to efficiently pull information from their Practice Fusion EHR database regarding patients and future appointment dates that can be seamlessly passed into PatientlySpeaking’s automated appointment reminder system. This capability additionally allows for the creation of timely and effective reminder and recall messages to draw patients back into your practice doors.

“Our clients love this service and find it extremely valuable to their business”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, CTO.  “PatientlySpeaking has been able to drastically reduce ‘no show’ percentages by as much as 33% on a consistent basis. This “no show” reduction has led to major increases in business revenue as well as providing a more hands on feel to the patient/ doctor office relationship. When you add the ability to record your own personalized message to be delivered to the patient, the advantage to both the patient and the practice is evident.”

While the concept of following-up with patients who have failed to make their appointments sounds intuitive, the facts are that most office personnel tend to be bombarded with other tasks every morning and then struggle to try and make the necessary calls.  Our platform handles this automatically with zero reliance on already overworked staff.

See the complete release here.