PatientlySpeaking | PatientlySpeaking Opens Their Patient Communication Platform To All PM and EHR Systems
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Full Integration To EHR and PM systems

PatientlySpeaking Opens Their Patient Communication Platform To All PM and EHR Systems

PatientlySpeaking opens the door for integration of their patient communication platform to all practice management and electronic health record systems. Private practices, large health care organizations and medical billing companies can now take advantage of the various modules that comprise the PatientlySpeaking offering.

“Over the last 4 years we have proven the effectiveness of our patient communication platform” according to Brian Cafferty, CEO of PatientlySpeaking. “Practices and billing companies alike are gaining the efficiencies found with our automated solutions, recognizing both the increase in patient traffic as well as the reduction in outstanding accounts receivables.”

The management team at PatientlySpeaking has provided communications solutions to many of the top phone companies in America and around the world. “We wanted to bring that wealth of experience to the small business community and the healthcare industry proved to be ready and willing to take advantage of that knowledge” PatientlySpeaking CTO Tom Fitzpatrick explains. “Our solutions incorporate both SMS for texting and VoIP for calling, allowing us to use software and automation to achieve consistency of actions along with cost savings.”

PatientlySpeaking offers Appointment Reminders, Patient Collection Notifications, Medication Reminders and Patient Recall Notifications – all driven from the practice’s existing PM or EHR system. A small piece of software is provided to the practice to enable this integration to take place.

And the best part about this offering – it comes without any long term commitment. “Over the last four years we have measured the results from all of our practices. They are consistently positive – providing a significant ROI for the practice” reports Cafferty.