PatientlySpeaking | Are Your Patient Text Message Appointment Reminders Always Delivered?
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Are Your Patient Text Message Appointment Reminders Always Delivered?

The plain fact is they are not. So how does your service handle that?

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) May 1, 2016

Text messages don’t always make it through to their intended destination for a variety of reasons (device turned off, handset issues, etc.). Up till now, that meant your patient never received a reminder of their appointment. This causes two problems for you – an increase in no shows and an unhappy patient. PatientlySpeaking has the only solution to this growing issue.

By verifying whether the text has actually reached the patient’s phone, our software can seamlessly initiate a call to reach the patient when they do not receive the text. In the vast majority of cases where a phone was not reachable by text, the call will either go through or allow for a message to be left. The end result is that the reminder gets delivered, the patient shows up, and your revenue is preserved.

“At PatientlySpeaking we are always looking at ways to improve our service – which ultimately improves the bottom line of the practices we support. “ Brian Cafferty, CEO of Ntegrus Solutions, the providers of PatientlySpeaking. “As the number of texts being delivered has risen dramatically, the seriousness of the “loss texts” issue has come to the surface. And now we have a solid solution that is a standard part of our product offering.”

PatientlySpeaking currently supports products from KareoPractice Fusion, Telex, and many other EHR platforms. It provides other low cost, high value solutions to both private practices as well as medical billing companies for inclusion in their billing offerings. All of our offerings are on a month to month basis, allowing the ability to verify the value.

PatientlySpeaking is a service dedicated to the physician community that is provided by Ntegrus Solutions LLC. Ntegrus has spent the last 5 years generating millions of calls and texts for practices and billing companies across the country. During that time, they worked closely with their clients to determine optimal practices, messages and timing to generate the best outcome – and their customers benefit from those efforts.

To learn more about PatientlySpeaking’s services, Contact us now. Or if you are like the hundreds of other practices that know they need help, you can get started today!