PatientlySpeaking | Patient Payment Processing
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Patient Payment Processing

Patient self-pay via phone

Virtual Terminal

Payments through text messages

Automatic recurring payments

Included In Our Patient A/R Platform!

Patient A/R is growing with no end in sight.  With the just announced average 2017 policy increase of 24%, it is anticipated that more and more patients will be opting for policies that have even higher deductibles in order to be able to afford insurance at all.  And for many more, they will be forced to drop insurance all together.  This all means that dealing with patient payments will be even more in the forefront.

The patient A/R platform is a complete solution offering all of the tools necessary to enable a practice to address the full gamut of patient payment processing.  In addition to the traditional products, adding the ability for patients to pay through texts, self-pay via telephone, establish secure recurring payment plans and patient payment portals are the kinds of tools that every practice, large or small, will need to be successful.