PatientlySpeaking | Let Your Patients Pay Their Bills By Text Message
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Patient A/R Courtesy Calls

Let Your Patients Pay Their Bills By Text Message

PatientlySpeaking releases new product that allows patients to pay their bills thru a text message

The cell phone has become the primary means of communication for virtually everyone of all ages in America.  In a recent survey by Pew Research Center, it was found that over 80% of adults text on their smart phones. But here comes the really important statistic – 98% of all text messages are opened versus only 20% of all email messages!  Given this staggering fact, it makes sense to offer a product that will reach patients to enable paying their bills where they communicate – via text message.

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, has taken this information to heart and has released their latest product, Pay My Bill Now, as an add-on to their Patient A/R Collection Platform. The new product uses the core texting communication capabilities of PatientlySpeaking, and adds the ability for a patient to simply click on a link in that text message to pay their bills. The patient is connected to a secure portal provided by our partner company, Maverick BankCard.  The patients’ credit card information is communicated over a PCI compliant link directly to the payment gateway – never captured or visible to either the practice or PatientlySpeaking. 

“Our partnership with a quality company like Maverick BankCard ensures that a patient’s private information is securely handled, from the point of receiving the text to the end result of paying their bills”, states Brian Cafferty, CEO and co-founder of PatientlySpeaking. “Because we are dealing with not only HIPPA compliance, which PatientlySpeaking has several years of experience with, but also with PCI compliance – due to credit card information – we wanted to partner with a company that has as much PCI experience as we do in HIPAA – hence the reason we choose Maverick BankCard.”.

Ben Griefer, VP of Maverick BankCard, noted “PatientlySpeaking is definitely at the forefront of patient communications. We felt that their knowledge and experience complimented our own belief in the strategic direction of the payment industry as well.” Alan Griefer, CEO of Maverick BankCard, then added “the combination of our two organizations has resulted in a powerful tool for both billing companies and private practices as well as any software product that serves those industries.”

“While the new product provides obvious benefits for large billing companies”, says Tom Fitzpatrick, CTO and co-founder of PatientlySpeaking, “it also has the ability to help smaller practices that routinely have patients that are faced with having to stretch the payment of their co-pay over time.”

PatientlySpeaking ( is a service dedicated to the physician community that is provided by Ntegrus Solutions LLC. Ntegrus has spent the last 5 years generating millions of calls and texts for practices and billing companies across the country. During that time, they worked closely with their clients to determine optimal practices, messages and timing to generate the best outcome – and their customers benefit from those efforts.

Maverick Bankcard Inc. ( has provided thousands of businesses with complete award-winning merchant services including Credit Card Processing, Merchant Funding, Check & ACH Processing, Fraud & Chargeback Prevention along with the latest cutting-edge equipment.