PatientlySpeaking | Don’t ignore your “No-Show” Patients
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Don’t ignore your “No-Show” Patients

PatientlySpeaking makes it easy for “No-Show” patients to reschedule their missed appointment


Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) June 9, 2016

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, announces its newest enhancement to its patient communications platform – the ability for a medical practice to recall yesterday’s “No-Show” patients and encourage them to reschedule their missed appointments. The enhancement automatically captures the “No-Show” patients for the day, generates and initiates a reminder of their missed appointment the next morning, and provides them an easy way to reschedule their appointment.

“Let’s face it, we will never be able to reduce “No-Shows” completely. Even with sending appointment reminders, there are still times when a patient just will not show for an appointment for many reasons.”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder at Ntegrus Solutions. “But instead of just ignoring the patient, we believe it’s better to reach out to them, the day after their missed appointment, allowing them to reschedule their appointment. This enables a Practice to easily capture potentially lost revenue, and at the same time lets their patients know that the Practice still appreciates their business.”

PatientlySpeaking currently supports products from Kareo, Practice Fusion, Telex, and over a hundred other EHR/PM platforms. Each of the PatientlySpeaking offerings provide a significant ROI to both private practices as well as medical billing companies. Since the offerings are on a month to month basis, delivering that consistent ROI is essential as clients can cancel at anytime.

PatientlySpeaking is a service dedicated to the medical community that is provided by Ntegrus Solutions LLC. Ntegrus has spent the last 5 years generating millions of calls and texts for practices and billing companies across the country. During that time, they have worked closely with their clients to determine optimal business practices, messages and timing to generate the best outcome – and all of their customers benefit from those efforts.

To learn more about PatientlySpeaking’s services, Contact them now. Or if you are like the hundreds of other practices that know they need help, you can get started today!