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Refining ERA Processing At A Fraction Of The Cost

  • Evaluate and post every ERA the day it arrives


  • Identify the problems that need to be addressed


  • Successfully auto-post problem free ERAs


  • Modify the rules to increase system throughput


See what our Saas Solutions can do for you






































Engage Our A/R Courtesy Call Platform And Improve Your Cashflow




Watch how we streamline and improve patient collections





  • Provide a consistent approach to collections


  • Achieve a 20% increase in overall revenue


  • Recognize a 40% reduction in staff support


  • Modify the rules to increase system effectiveness

Implement Our Unapplied Patient Payment Posting Platform

  • Automatically match unapplied payments to outstanding patient responsibilities


  • Eliminates last minute, month end “rush” to clean up unapplied payments


  • Posting happens throughout month as patient responsibility is assigned


  • Eliminates patient complaints because statements were inaccurate

What Is RPA And Why Is It So Impactful?

  • Automate those repetitive processes


  • Insure that rules are followed every time


  • Free staff time to focus on issues


  • Significantly increase overall processing


  • All at a fraction of your costs today


View how Robotic Process Automation can significantly impact your bottomline
































Look At What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We believe that the best judge of a company’s value is a customer.  It’s easy to provide a good demo or have an impressive looking website.  But what really matters is “Does the company and its products really deliver the goods?”  To that end, here are a few of the recent comments from our customers.  We look forward to seeing your quote here someday soon!

Bring Business Intelligence To Your Patient Communications

  • Understand the best times for reaching patients
  • Track every appointment confirmation or reschedule
  • Develop best practices for Patient A/R
  • Utilize real information to drive down “No-Shows”

Patient AR is Growing

Activate Our Services Today

Regardless of the PM or EHR platform you utilize – Kareo, Practice Fusion, AdvancedMD, Modernizing Medicine to name a few – our services will work for you. Whether you are a private practice, software provider or an RCM, our services will deliver the results you are looking for.

RCM Organization

RCM Organization

Private Practice

Private Practice

Software Provider

Software Provider

Cultivate Revenue with PatientlySpeaking
Work with our team to implement the best practices that we have seen work effectively across the country and across all medical disciplines.