PatientlySpeaking | Patient A/R Courtesy Call Pricing
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Patient A/R Courtesy Call Pricing

Our pricing is designed to be cost effective and align closely to your actual utilization. Included in your monthly charge is access to our Patient A/R Collection Portal. There you can see daily the results of utilizing our service – from the number of calls generated and how each call was responded to, down to how many payments have been made in response to the calls. Real statistics based upon actual calls made.

With the portal you can even change the rules that you want to utilize to determine who should be called and when. You can initiate two different messages and identify when to deliver one or the other.



Like our other services, all are a month to month product offering.  Cancel at any time and only pay for what you use.  The cost for our courtesy call platform is $.20 per call (not per minute) initiated with a minimum monthly charge of $49.99, for most practices, the cost is less then one single patient payment!  There is a one time setup cost of $39.00.

For that fee, you get a guarantee that all of your patients are contacted per your rules, insuring the highest opportunity for swift collection.  Your staff only spends time on those tasks that generate the maximum results for your practice.  You get detailed reports that show the effectiveness of these calls.  You also have the ability to tweak the rules you use for collection – and see the actual results.