"No Show" Patient Reminder Pricing | PatientlySpeaking
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“No Show” Patient Reminder Pricing

Our “No Show” Patient Reminder service is an add-on to our Appointment Reminder Service.  Similar, you simply pay an additional per minute or per text price of $.14 for each recall initiated.  There are no additional fees beyond that and each minute or text counts towards meeting the monthly minimum fee of $25.00.

Again, like our other services, you can start or stop this service at any time and simply pay for what you have used.  Our “No Show” Patient Reminder service is an automated way to “follow-up” with that missing patient.  It gives you a chance to convert that missed appointment into a follow-up visit.  Often times, out of embarrassment, the patient never comes back.  This is a simple, highly cost effective way to re-engage that patient before it is too late.

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