PatientlySpeaking | Appointment Reminder Pricing
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Appointment Reminder Pricing

Our Service Is Month-To-Month
If at anytime our service does not meet your requirements or does not do what you want it too, you just have to simply say “STOP”. If you want to tell us why it didn’t work for you, that’s great. But we will not hound you or even ask why it didn’t work for you.



Our Pricing Is Straightforward

The pricing for the service is a very simple usage based model…

  • There is a one time setup charge of $39.00;
  • It’s only fourteen cents ($.14) per minute/text for a successful phone reminder or text;
  • There is a minimum monthly charge of $25 – which equates to 175 patient reminders a month;
  • There is no long-term contract. If you decide you don’t need the service anymore, just send us an email and stop sending your reports.

Return on Investment

For 500 calls a month, and assuming you have a one minute reminder, that’s only $70.
Compare that with having to pay someone to make the calls, and it’s obviously worth the price.